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Personal Information

In accordance with the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 and the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, known as "GDPR" No.2016/679, the Laurent-Perrier Group has initiated a compliance procedure for the collection and processing of personal data. As part of its business, the Laurent-Perrier Group collects and processes data from its partners and employees. At this stage, we continue to implement all the necessary means to consolidate pre-existing procedures concerning:

- The strict collection in the perimeter of our activity and legal obligations

- The security and integrity of the data entrusted

- The devices necessary to formalize your consent, and the compliance of treatment, circulation and conservation of your data

- The integration of the prerequisites of the regulation into the internal procedures and digital tools involved in the collection and processing of these data.

For further information regarding the processing of these data or to assert your rights under this regulation, you can send your request to:


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Professional reporting


I. What is a whistleblower ?

A whistleblower is a natural person who reveals, reports or discloses, without direct financial consideration and in good faith, information relating to a crime, an offence, a threat or harm to the general interest. It may also be a violation (or an attempt to conceal this violation) of an international commitment by France. When the information has not been obtained in the context of professional activities, the whistleblower must have had personal knowledge of it.

II. Who can issue an alert ?

- All collaborators of Laurent-Perrier Group
- Staff
- Suppliers
- Subcontractors and co-contractors
- Any external or occasional collaborator
- Shareholders
- Member of the administrative, management and supervisory board

III. What facts can be reported ?

The whistleblowing system makes it possible to report any shortcomings that would constitute:
- Of a crime
- Of an offense
- A violation, or attempted concealment of a violation, of an international commitment ratified or approved by France, of a unilateral act of an international organization taken on the basis of such a commitment, of the right of the European Union, the law and the regulations
- A threat or harm to the general interest
Exclusion: Facts, information and documents resulting from national defense secrets, or medical secrets in particular, are excluded from the alert system.

IV. What protection for the whistleblower ?

- Guarantee of confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower
- Civil liability irresponsibility
- Criminal irresponsibility
- Protection against reprisals, in particular disciplinary measures

The protection is also extended to any natural or legal person who helps the whistleblower to make the report or disclosure


I. How to issue an alert ?

The Laurent-Perrier Group provides whistleblowers with a dedicated email address

If the whistleblower does not have an electronic mailbox, he can send his alert by post to the following address:    
« Confidentiel & Personnel »
Direction Juridique Laurent-Perrier
32 Avenue de Champagne
51150 Tours-sur-Marne

The whistleblower must describe objectively and as precisely as possible, in particular on the date of the facts and the persons concerned, the facts of which he wishes to alert the Laurent-Perrier Group.

The breach reported must be serious and the alert issued in good faith and in the absence of any direct financial compensation.

II. How and by whom my alert is processed ?

- Acknowledgment of receipt
Once declared, the alert is received by the internal referents of the Laurent-Perrier Group, namely the Legal Director and the Head of the Human Resources Department designated to handle reports, who are responsible for monitoring the procedure. Except in cases where the report is anonymous, the internal referents will inform the whistleblower in writing of the good reception of his report (7 working days from receipt of the report) and of the time required to examine his admissibility (about 2 to 3 months).

- Alert processing
The internal referents of the Laurent-Perrier Group examine the facts reported by the alert.
They may request any additional information from the author of the report. If necessary, they only inform the stakeholders whose involvement is absolutely necessary for the processing of the alert. The whistleblower will then be informed of the follow-up that will be given to his alert, or of the closure of the file.

III. What guarantees for the whistleblower ?

- Confidential treatment of the alert
- Archiving of data relating to the report once the file has been processed and finalized
- No criminal liability, only if he has acted disinterestedly and in good faith regarding the facts of which he has personal knowledge and which he has reported in accordance with the reporting procedure.
- No sanction, no dismissal, no direct or indirect discriminatory measure


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