Celebration case

Champagne Delamotte Celebration case

Grape varietals : Chardonnay : 60% Pinot noir : 35% Pinot Meunier : 5%

Hosting at home?

This 6-bottle case is accompanied by 6 elegant, tulip-shaped glasses, engraved with the company's coat of arms.

6 opportunities to share a special moment around a Champagne aperitif par excellence!

When and how to enjoy it?

The blend of 3 grape varieties gives the Delamotte Brut champagne structure, depth, roundness and freshness. A wine made up of elegance and balance with a crisp, fruity finish.  Its very pure nose emanating notes of citrus fruits, white flowers and lemon peel makes it the perfect companion for any occasion. It can be enjoyed just as much as a wedding aperitif alongside a traditional brioche, as between friends with a simple penchant for champagne and Comté cheese puffs, houmous toast, or even crisp empanadas or crunchy radishes!

Cellaring potential: drink within a year.